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Sing the World Awake! is a multifaceted project aimed at bringing Children greater Love, Connection and Self-Expression through Song. It is based on the premise that an investment in our children is an investment in the future of our world!

The Projects:

1. Sing the World Awake! in underserved schools in Downtown Los Angeles.


I've been singing in classroom in South Central Los Angeles and have led the whole school singing! And there are so many more children to reach. Los Angeles County has more than 30 schools on the list of below the 5% mark on their test scores, where other counties have 1 or 2 schools. We have an opportunity to make a change in the lives of these children.


The purpose of this project is to access underserved children in elementary schools, groups, organizations and communities in Los Angeles County - to open and activate their voices; build confidence; increase individual and collective self-worth; raise environmental awareness; activate their natural capacity to heal; and provide the children with a greater sense of belonging.


Primary Goals:

This project is designed to be implemented in underserved elementary schools in Los Angeles County - and will be comprised of 3 (4) components.

  1. in-school social/emotional/environmental intelligence music curriculum (augments school music program)

  2. whole school concerts with help of individual classrooms

  3. teacher involvement/empowerment

  4. music videos (optional component)

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2. "Children of Tomorrow" is a music project to create meaningful & inspirational music for children and our inner child spirits in order to bring about world peace.The goal of this project is to use song as a catalyst for uniting our one human family for peace on earth and a beautiful sustainable world for our future generations. 


We are inviting support to bring this music project to life - in the form of:

1. recording a new album of music

2. bringing this music to the children, families and community whose hearts are calling for it.


The Vision of the "Children of Tomorrow" is of a world living in harmony, where children are valued, honored and protected - where all people have access to clean water, clean air, healthy, nutritious food, safe homes, and good education. We envision a world where humanity lives in balance with nature and values one another; a world in which people understand the currency of human relationship and cooperation as fundamental necessities for the accomplishment of our goals, and for the sustainability of our future.


Support the GoFundMe campaign:  

Invite us to your school, organization, community or home! We are happy to come! This is what we do! Let's share the wealth and spread the magic of Joy in community building!


Share the message! Tell your friends! Share our message! Find us on Facebook! Come sing with us! Tell your friends!

Join together in your own communities and set intentions for transformation! Encourage community building and sharing of resources!


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