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is an educational music and movement experience orchestrated by Karen Seva

that combines group singing, sacred songs, yoga and dance. It is

designed to activate human potential and bring about inspired action for the transformation of our relationship with ourselves,

with each other and with our planet!


"Vibrations For Global Transformation!"

OUR GLOBAL COMMUNITY - Why Sing the World Awake?

"We are all in this together!"


From time immemorial, people have gathered on this earth in ceremony and song - honoring the seasons, honoring the directions, honoring birth, honoring death, honoring the elements, honoring the pulsing & changing tides of life - coming together in the Oneness of families, of communities, of tribes, of nations, of people in order to manifest a vision, a dream, a hope.


This time in history is unprecedented in terms of the opportunity we have to come together in a global community and join our voices, our hearts, our bodies in shared intention for all things good – for balance, for harmony, for peace. And never has there been more of a need for it than now.


For there to be a sustainable future for this planet, for there to be a world to pass on to our children, we must remember that we are all brothers and sisters in this human family and come together to love and care for one another and our world!

The Power of Sound


Science is beginning to demonstrate the power of sound vibration - seeing its effects on matter, on cells, on our emotional and physical health. Many leading researchers in the field, including Dr. Masaru Emoto and Fabien Maman, as well as Dr. Hans Jenny and Helene Grimal have presented astounding evidence demonstrating how sound effects life all the way down to the most elemental building blocks. Sound vibration creates geometric, formulated patterns. Even words contain a frequency which alters cellular shape and structure.

















from Dr. Masaru Emoto's work with water crystals and word vibrations
















pictures of sound vibration from the Cymatics work of Dr. Hans Jenny



Physics, as well as many native wisdom and yogic traditions teach us that each aspect of creation is vibration. Each person is a unique song in the symphony of the universe. Unified fields of vibrations are a tremendously powerful force in the catalyst of the healing and change on both micro and macro levels.



- sound vibration changes the molecular structure of the body


- singing releases tension and increases well-being and self-esteem!


- movement & mudras stimulate the lymphatic, nervous & cardiovascular systems realigning the body with its natural capacity to heal!


- group acts of intention and celebration create greater capacity for change & foster community building!


- intention setting plants seeds for a beautiful future and enhances personal responsibility!

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"Sing the World Awake!"

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Together, we have the power to change the world!


SING the WORLD AWAKE! is an educational, interactive music program designed to:


- Create Global Harmony and Community Cohesion

- Inspire Hope for a Better World

- Teach How to Live in Balance and Harmony with the Earth and with One Another

- Instill Self-Worth

- Take Personal Responsibility


As we learn to value ourselves and one another, as we learn to work together, as we learn to use our words and actions to uplift and to heal - we transform our health, we transform our environment, we transform, even, the societal and governing structures of our world - & when we do it with Love & in Joy the power is tremendous...


Together our power is far greater than that of any one of us alone... 


Join us and let's SING the WORLD AWAKE!


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